First steps with Open Sim Wheel (SimuCUBE kit)

If you have a new Open Sim Wheel on your hands may be you do not know from where to start. In this guide, we will introduce you to the basic knowledge to start configuring your wheel.

After connecting everything (every connector only fits its own partner) and getting the motor in place, make sure that the emergency button is down and turn on the system.

The first step is to install the Granite Firmware to the SimuCUBE board. This can be made following the steps described in their wiki. The kits are tested before shipping and because of that they arrive with firmware v1.5.5 and with a basic configuration. For sure you would need to change parameters, so these are the steps:

  1. Connect USB to the Granite Firmware one (Marked as FW)
  2. Check if your computer recognizes it as COM PORT. If not, you may install ft230x drivers. If link does not work you may download it from their website:
  3. Once you have a new COM PORT you must execute Granity Software. If link does not work you may download it from their website:
  4. In the connect tab, select the COM PORT and click on “connect”. If everything goes well the connection is established and you must see details as FW version.
  5. You must change MCC, MMC and maybe other parameters as described here: or in this extense thread from
  6. Once you have changed the desired values just click “Save settings on drive non volatile memory” and then in “disconnect” both in the connect tab.



The simulation side is handled connecting the system through the USB HID connector. First of all, you may install the MMoS FW. Granite Devices has an excellent guide:

Once done, the system must be recognized as HID game device and values can be changed using MMoS FFB Tool. You must download it from: One interesting trick after downloading is to change the name of the file: MMosForceFeedback2014ENU.dll to MMosForceFeedback2014LOC.dll in order to have it in English language.

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