Bi-purpose Quick release 2-3DQR


Based on the original design from Racing Mat I have created this new bivalent quick release. You can add a 34.9 seat bike clamp to make it quick release, but if you have only one  wheel you can use a standard M6 bolt and fix it to the shaft of your Mige 130ST-M10010.











Just now is still work in progress, I have to print it and do a hard test. Here is the stl file. It is optimized to print it at 0.2 layer high with no supports.

Any feedback is welcome.

Once ready I will publish the source code of the piece designed in freecad –> Now avalaible here:

Best Regards.


-UPDATE- 18 May 2016


I have printed it with Colorfabb XT-CF20 (3mm filament). The result seems to be veeery good. I like these carbon filaments. I have also tried Carbonfil from Formfutura wich appears to have a slightly better finish. I printed it at 0.20 layer heigh with 4 perimeters, 4 top and 4 bottom layers. 50% rectangular infill. I took it out from the printer and the piece worked like a charm without any additional work (my printer seems to be well callibrated 😉 ). It took arround 6 hours to print and weights ~78 grams (kitchen scale), so the cost is about 5€ based in the small spool price.

Now I am testing it with a 350mm wheel and by the moment I had no problems.

If someone wants to be a beta-tester I will send one 2-3DQR the first comment (only should pay shipping).




–UPDATE– 20 May 2016


Carbon fiber plastic is fine… but 6061-T6 aluminum is AMAZING!!!






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2 thoughts on “Bi-purpose Quick release 2-3DQR

  1. With low infill, the mechanical strength is not enough for Direct Drive Wheel… your hard test will be informative

  2. I will print it with Carbonfil from Formfutura filament. It comes with carbon fibers and is much stronger that normal ABS or PLA.
    Lets see, I want to keep it as simple as possible, but if it breaks I can add some reinforcements 😉

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